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Measuring utilization of healthcare resources requires individual data collection and analyzing aggregate data to identify and predict trends. Avandé uses more than 20 databases to quantitatively and precisely define healthcare.

Avandé ensures that all stakeholders – providers, employers, plans, and payors – make informed, data-driven decisions.


Avandé leverages state-of-the-art technology and practicing clinicians’ expertise to keep pace.

Avandé combines medical and legal expertise with healthcare financing acumen to deliver prompt, accurate reviews.

Medical knowledge, pharmacology, and clinical practice guidelines, and regulatory/compliance guidelines advance at a rapid-fire pace.


Avandé helps manage costs and risk while improving patient safety, treatment quality, and outcomes. By supporting value-based clinical care, organizations mitigate their exposure as they assume more risk.

When care is evidence-based, it is easier to ensure quality and optimize reimbursement.

Avandé Services

Avandé identifies clinically appropriate care, healthcare trends, exceptions and outliers. We integrate, streamline, and seamlessly automate every aspect of medical management, from patient visits and coding to authorizations, processing, and payment.

Avandé Intelligence

Avandé utilizes custom, state of the art, cloud-based technology to provide evidence-based medical intelligence and analytics that are fast, consistent, accurate, and secure.

Avandé has created a first in class application. Our algorithms analyze the best available data and evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and are then scrutinized by board-certified physician specialists.

Why Avandé

Effective medical review is becoming increasingly important as stakeholders seek to contain costs without compromising quality.

Avandé Specialized Teams

Avandé boasts expertise in more than 25 medical specialties from 60 board certified physician reviewers.

Avandé Experience

Avandé’s physician reviewers are licensed in at least one state with one to three board certifications. They have specialized training in legal, regulatory and financial aspects of healthcare.

Avandé Analytics

Avandé converts unstructured data into structured data to provide physician reviewers with all the information necessary for analysis and decision-support.

Avandé Success, We Deliver!

Avandé expert decision support services are transparent, administratively simple, and cost-effective.

They are accessed on a user-friendly, interactive cloud-based platform that facilitates collaboration and manages review and claims processes efficiently.

Proprietary Technology

Best-in-class cloud application based on 21st century technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Avande intelligence uses complex algorithms to support analyses of medical and utilization data, which not only enable us to predict trends but also to readily detect fraudulent activity.

Machine Learning

Avandé’s machine learning software is always improving, learning from past successful cases, driving improved outcomes.

Physician Network

We have direct access to physicians and hospitals worldwide.

Reviewed Claims

Over $3.1 billion in claims reviewed.

International Experience

Access our expertise in North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

Experienced Staff

Culturally sensitive, client, provider, and patient focused.

Healthcare Digital Transformation

Use structured healthcare data to improve outcomes, and efficiency.

Our Strengths

Expert Physicians

Independent, qualified and experienced Avandé physicians review patients’ diagnostics, treatment, and outcomes. The importance of evidence-based medical claim analysis by experienced physicians cannot be overstated; they provide thorough, quality medical reviews unlike the superficial reviews conducted by staff without appropriate credentials or training.

Client-Centric Service

Avandé provides outstanding, personalized service. Clients can access their secure data anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Our cloud-based decision support system is fully customizable.

Our user-friendly portal offers an at-a-glance overview of the decision-support process and automatically generates custom approval and denial letters.







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Call us at +1 (833) 328-2633

Fill out the contact form to have Avandé contact you.